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Alan BoothAlan Booth is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Nottingham. He is a UK National Teaching Fellow and has played a leading role in national and international initiatives to enhance the teaching and learning of history in higher education.

His books include Teaching History at University: Enhancing Learning and Understanding (2003) and The Practice of University History Teaching (2000) (ed. with P. Hyland). Recent publications include ‘Making Teaching Public: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in History in Perspective’, in D. Ludvigsson (ed.), Enhancing Student Learning: Perspectives on University History Teaching (2012); ‘Passion, Purpose and Value: History Teaching and Preparing Students to Make a Living’, in L. Lavender (ed.), History Graduates with Impact (2011), (with J. Booth); ‘Integrative Learning and Humanities Education’, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, 10 (2011); ‘The Traditional Standpoint of Historians: Tradition and the Construction of Educational Identity in Late Twentieth-Century British Higher Education’, Contemporary British History, 24 (2010). ‘Self, Others and Society: A Case-study of University Integrative Learning’, Studies in Higher Education, 34 (2009) (with M. McLean & M. Walker); ‘Pedagogy and the Practice of Academic History in Late-twentieth Century Britain’, Rethinking History, 13 (2009).  More information

Jeanne Booth Jeanne Booth leads The Good Work Guide, a multi-disciplinary consultancy working with universities and enterprises to equip people for the challenges of making a good living in the 21st century. She is a trained historian and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce who has contributed widely to the development of life-long education and careers services, creative business and social enterprise support, and curriculum design in the UK. She has delivered programmes in Europe, US and Australia including ‘Beyond Employability: new ways of looking at the graduate labour market’, and ‘How Great History Teaching Prepares Graduates to Thrive’. Selection of presentations and reports